Recordings and Courses by Dr. Karjala

Dr. Karjala has written two books on trauma, and recordings from each of them can be ordered below:

- Healing Everyday Traumas is about dealing with the wounds almost all of us are carrying around from having been criticized, bullied or emotionally abused at various times in our lives.

- Understanding Trauma and Dissociation is about the more severe forms of trauma, including PTSD and dissociative disorders. Scroll down for more information about each of them.

Dr. Karjala also has online courses planned for both professional practitioners and the general public, based on her books. More information about these courses will be posted soon. Sign up to be notified of new offerings.

To order recordings based on Healing Everyday Traumas, click here:

Recordings from Healing Everyday Traumas

To heal the "everyday" wounds that all of us are carrying:

Healing Everyday Traumas:

Free Yourself from the Scars of Bullying, Criticism and Other Old Wounds

To purchase a copy of the book, click here:

To order recordings based on Understanding Trauma and Dissociation, click here:

To understand and heal more severe forms of trauma:

Understanding Trauma and Dissocation:

A Guide for Therapists, Patients and Loved Ones

To purchase a copy of the book, click here: