Lynn Mary Karjala, Ph.D., DCEP
P.O. Box 1150
Roswell, Georgia 30077-1150

Dr. Lynn Karjala is a licensed psychologist and life coach in private practice in Roswell, Georgia. In addition to her general practice, she has specialized in the treatment of trauma in all its forms. She also trains other clinicians in the use of conventional and innovative approaches to therapy and has given many presentations on these topics in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada. Before going into clinical practice, she was a university professor, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on child, adolescent, and life-span development and the psychology of death and dying. Her most recent book is Healing Everyday Traumas: Free Yourself from the Scars of Bullying, Criticism and Rejection. Her other books include Understanding Trauma and Dissociation: A Guide for Therapists, Patients and Loved Ones and Taming Trauma Beasties: Helping Children Confront Trauma and Heal. Scroll down for more information.  

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Why am I making such a big deal out of this?" The answer is that the event you're remembering is probably a form of everyday trauma, and many seemingly small events can cause ripples that are felt far down the stream of time. These events can have profound effects on our thoughts, feelings and behaviors even many years later. One of the major consequences of everyday trauma is the formation of the critical voice, the nagging, negative "voice" that we all have in our heads. This book helps readers learn creative, easy-to-use techniques to heal everyday trauma, eliminate self-defeating attitudes and behaviors, and live a more joyous and productive life.  

Understanding Trauma and Dissociation unravels the mystery of dissociation for psychotherapists who treat the aftereffects of trauma as well as for trauma survivors and their loved ones. In clear language, it explains the connections between dissociation, trauma, and the devastating physical and psychological symptoms that stem from them. It offers a thorough understanding of the phases of trauma treatment, with practical techniques to minimize retraumatization during therapy. There is an enlightening description of how to recognize and overcome the internal system that is aimed, among other things, at derailing treament and preventing the patient from experiencing any hope of recovery. Finally, there is an introduction to mind-body techniques and their application to the treatment of trauma.

Taming Trauma Beasties is a valuable resource for mental health workers, parents and caregivers to help children recover from trauma. It empowers children by providing them with concepts typically reserved for adults. Through the use of clear, simple language and engaging drawings, children are able to learn about trauma, triggers, and flashbacks. A series of stories walks the reader through typical nontraumatic situations, skillfully showing how such situations can rapidly become terror-filled because some aspect of them triggers the memory of an earlier trauma. The Trauma Beastie concept allows treatment to begin immediately, even when the child is reluctant to talk about the traumatic event. It also acts as a container for deeply painful thoughts and feelings. After explaining the basic concepts, the book provides both traditional and innovative techniques that are easy to learn, fun to use, and very effective for healing the wounds of trauma. It is designed to be read aloud together by adults and children. It is easily appropriate for children age 9 and up but has been used with children as young as 6, especially as an adjunct to psychotherapy.